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-- Preeti Shridhar, City of Renton Communications Director



KUDOS from the entire Renton Community and city staff to the City of Renton's Maintenance Crews. Thanks to their tireless efforts all the major roads in Renton were open during 15 days of snow. They worked 12-hour shifts, plowed 13,000 miles of streets, dropped 4,000 tons of sand and 8,000 gallons of de-icer. KUDOS!!!

Derek Akesson sends KUDOS to all those involved in the Williams Avenue Bridge logjam removal: Bill Flora and the Fire Department Water Rescue Team; Dave Whitmarsh and the sign shop staff; John Slaney and the parks maintenance personnel; Ron Straka; Mike Stenhouse; George Stahl and the water personnel; Bill Wressell, Pat Zellner and the street crew; and Kent Curry. KUDOS!!!

Come rain or high snow, our own Senior Services Coordinator Shawn Daly can always be relied upon to volunteer his aid to a senior in need. During the snowstorm Shawn trekked through the slippery, blinding snowstorm (in his SUV) to pick up and deliver a required prescription for a snowbound senior. KUDOS!!!

Kudos from Mayor Denis Law to the Graffiti Team for the tremendous effort in developing a comprehensive plan to address graffiti in Renton. It’s an excellent example of problem solving in a collaborative way that offers potential to have a long-term positive impact. KUDOS!!!

Kudos from Carol Jo Horn, a new resident in Renton, on the Renton CityNews, the city's newsletter. She and her family love the content, layout and all the exciting information about the city. KUDOS!!!

Kudos from Preeti Shridhar to Kelley Balcomb-Bartok, Beth Haglund and all the contributors (Suzanne Dale Estey, Gloria Gamba, Lisa Garvich, Gary Harsh, Debra Mikolaizik, Joan Montegary, Linda Moschetti, Kathryn Svedin, James Wilhoit and Marty Wine) for your contributions that made it possible to launch this new Grady Grapevine. KUDOS!!!

Do you have a Kudo you'd like to share? Or know of someone who deserves one? If so, please email grapejuice@rentonwa.gov

Grady Grapevine
Winter 2009 Edition

Preeti Shridhar

Assistant Editor/
Kelley Balcomb-Bartok

Beth Haglund

Suzanne Dale Estey, Gloria Gamba,
Lisa Garvich, Gary Harsh, Debra Mikolaizik,
Joan Montegary, Linda Moschetti,
Kathryn Svedin, James Wilhoit
and Marty Wine

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Renton Results

What? Why? How Well?

Renton Results

Six City Service Areas encompass all the services provided by Renton: safety and health; mobility; livable community; utilities and environment; representative government; and internal support.


Who are our customers? What do they want?

The City of Renton’s customers are residents and taxpayers. They provide the resources for us to provide beautiful parks, safe and well maintained streets, clean water, and so much more. We believe that we give excellent customer service and our residents get high quality, cost-effective public services for their investment. Tough economy or not, it’s worthwhile to consider how city services have the desired result in our community, and to focus every dollar the city receives toward that goal.

In 2007, Renton started a community accountability effort called Renton Results. It’s aimed at simply explaining what we do, why we do it, how we use our customers’ resources to provide the service and, most importantly, how those resources translate into results that residents can see. Here are the main city services we deliver to our customers:

  • Safety and Health: Renton residents feel safe in Renton, are prepared for emergencies, have safe and healthy homes, and are informed about community resources.
  • Mobility: Renton residents enjoy roadways, sidewalks, trails, and paths that enable them, as well as visitors and business activity, to move in, around and through Renton efficiently and safely.
  • Livable Community: Renton residents have a good quality of life which includes healthy neighborhoods, safe and clean parks, high quality libraries, a diverse range of businesses and services, and a variety of recreational opportunities.
  • Utilities & Environment: Renton residents have a reliable public utility system that ensures public health and safety, and in partnership with the City of Renton are engaged in environmental sustainability programs.
  • Accessible/ Representative Government: Renton residents have a city government that is responsive, responsible, and promotes community engagement in policy development.
  • Internal Support: Renton residents have a city government that functions efficiently and effectively and offers fair and cost effective services.

Renton Results is a work-in-progress. Everyone contributes to one or more of these service areas every day. Departments have developed indicators to measure how they deliver to each City service area, and that effort will continue in 2009 – to say what results (how well) our customers get city services in an outcome-based, measurable and meaningful way.

On A Lighter Note



Don't let all the bad news fool you. News of layoffs and businesses shutting their doors is only part of the story. Renton has been experiencing some very positive business gains lately, including:

  • Businesses continue to open at The Landing, and most stores are exceeding performance expectations.  Recent additions including Massage Envy, Golf Galaxy, Element Salon & Spa and the UPS Store. The next opening is Vino at The Landing, on February 20.  Mark your calendars for the first annual “Taste of The Landing” and 5K Run on April 26. Residents also start moving in to Fairfield’s Sanctuary apartments this month.
  • Cedar River Corporate Park is now 50% leased with interesting new and predominantly high-tech companies. This is the first LEED certified “green” industrial office development in Renton.
  • Providence Health Systems moved into Valley Office Park – they now have nearly 1,300 employees in Renton.
  • New businesses are also coming Downtown -- Cafe Lure/Tapestry/Calico Cheesecake opened their doors in October and Liberty Café opens this month.
  • Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center has relocated from Seattle to Renton, with 3,000 patients visiting our city regularly.
  • Harley Davidson is moving from Tukwila and will soon be opening the largest showroom in the state here in Renton.

Public Works Holds
Chili Cook-Off

The Public Works Department held its winter Chili Cook-Off on Wednesday, January 28 at the maintenance shops.  A total of 14 crock pots of chili were judged by Mayor Denis Law, Pat Miller and Patrick Flaherty.  After a whole lot of tasting, Vanessa Poorman was awarded the top prize in the meat category with her venison and buffalo specialty, and Nathan Jones was dubbed winner of the vegetarian category. 

Thanks to all of those who participated in this year’s Chili Cook-Off:  Vanessa Poorman, Ron Druce, Greg Durbin, Chris Barnes, Nathan Jones, James Wilhoit, Linda Moschetti, Patrick Zellner, Tim Michaud, Dave Hohn, Craig Sawyer and David Todd.  In addition, to the chili several staff members contributed by bringing cornbread and dessert.

A very special thanks to our volunteer judges and to Councilmember Don Persson for dropping by to join in the festivities.